Some of the Non-Teaching Jobs That Positively Impact the K-12 Education.

01 Aug

There are people that are passionate about the K-12 education but the idea of teaching in a class do not appeal to them. You can however still help develop the school’s overall vision and the drive successful outcomes for the students and generally help in the driving and organization of the day-to-day functions of the districts, the network r the school. To get more info, visit Jobs in education . Here are some examples of the non-teaching jobs that are available and a possibility in the schools.

If the idea of overseeing the teaching standards and the curriculum appeals to you then the director of curriculum and instruction career will be a perfect fit for you.

The job here entails developing, implementing and testing the district’s curriculum that is used in the secondary and the elementary schools, and ensure that everything meets the state education standards. The compliance manager, who provides the evidence that the schools are meeting the local, federal and state standards is the other career that you can pursue. The job here involves data track like the tax forms and the meeting minutes among others, safe keeping other accurate compliance documentation and performing of the ad-hoc data analysis when need be.

From the degree requirements to the assessments, from the behavior or the grades, there are a vary of the data points in a school that need to identify and organized to improve outcomes and this is where the data manager comes in. Learn more about Non-Teaching. The job her involved digging through the insights of the data that they collect to find patterns and trends, and create forecast that the helps the schools make better and more informed decisions. The staff makes the school and for that every school need to ensure that they are hiring the best professionals out there and this is where the manger of talent acquisition comes in.

The job here involved creating of sourcing plans that aligns with the mission and the goals of the school to hire the right personnel, the process of hiring and making dire that you bring in the best onto the team. There is a relationship between the student achievements and the family involvements in the school and this is where the family engagement manager comes in. Their job is to help strategize, support and also create initiatives that connect individual students’ achievements and families, not to mention the school as a whole. Last but not the least there is the instructional coach that helps the teachers in the refining of their instructional practices so that they will meet the needs and ensure that there is significant academic growth. The others that you can try out involves the director of school transformation, grants manager, business operations manager, director of finance and the director of external affairs. Learn more from

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